Cocktail Shaker Bartender Kit

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You saw several bar sets but you don’t want all your accessories to be in mess in your drawers? You want a beautiful case for your tools, one that will be different from all the others and will be displayed like a piece of art in your interior? Our 11 pieces cocktail shaker bar set is made for you, no matter if you’re an amateur or an experienced mixologist. Get professional-quality cocktails in the comfort of your home!

  • Durable and rustproof 100% stainless steel tools
  • Beautiful and unique black wooden case
  • Dishwasher safe (but very easy to handwash)
  • Comes in an elegant black box

The set includes :

  • A 25 oz shaker
  • A Hawthorne strainer
  • A muddler
  • A corkscrew
  • A mixing spoon
  • 2 double-sided jiggers with measurements engraved
  • 2 liquor pourers
  • An ice tong
  • A wooden stand (this is not included when you order "Only Silver Products - No Stand")

Amaze your guests!

Professional cocktails, at the comfort of your home.


Love it . It’s come with everything that you need to make great cocktails . It’s have perfect and beautiful design that feet everywhere . Easy to clean . Love it and love to use it . Highly recommended

Reut amit

Great value to this set. it comes with everything you need to make great cocktails (two measurements jiggers etc). in addition, you get nice designated shelf which looks great and fit everywhere (can be also placed on any surface). We really enjoy it!

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25 Oz Cocktail Shaker

Our perfect size 3 parts shaker includes a large shaking tin, a snugly fit lid, and a small cap to cover the strainer. Just put all the ingredients in the base of your shaker and add ice, then close the lid and shake until the metal is cold and misty. Open the lid and pour the drink in your most beautiful cocktail glass. 100% leak proof, you won’t miss a drop. Cheers!

Hawthorne strainer

Use this essential tool to remove ice and other solid ingredients, such as muddled fruits, from a cocktail as you pour it into a glass. Our set is smartly thought and our accessories are working together: the metal spring will fit inside the mixing tin, helping to filter out and other solid ingredients!


Very beautiful set. Sits nicely on the side table.
Looks fancy and would be a great gift for a friend who like to mix drinks or just showing off.


I had many bar but this set is really amazing!
The wooden bar set is really beautifully displayed and feels really quality! Also the stainless steel cocktail shaker feels really good when used.


Muddler & Mixing Spoon

Muddler: The perfect tool to mash fresh ingredients. grip friendly catch, and silicon grinder head for maximum flavor extraction.

European mixing spoon: The most stylish spoon to stir your favorite beverage ! Professional top : In addition to normal use, bartenders usually use the circular part in the end of the spoon to muddle or layer ingredients.

Jiggers & Ice Tong

2x Double sided jiggers: You don’t want to miss your cocktails because of approximate quantities right? Our 2 standard size jiggers will help you to pour the perfect amount of ingredients you need in each of your cocktails.

Ice tong: Hygiene and anti-cold essential – Who would want to touch ice with his hands right ? You will need it for almost all the beverages you’ll make, so pick ice up safely