Our Story

"That's why we decided to build IDALIO, to help other people find great products that will follow you throughout the years and are meant to last a lifetime."

We were always worried about making great gifts for each other and were spending hours to find the proper one. As it might be simpler for women, it’s often a brain teaser to find the perfect gift for men.

We were looking for a hip flask for my father in law birthday. After spending hours of research we weren't satisfied with any of the hip flasks we found online We decided to start selling hip flasks.

Today, after selling over 100,000 products across the USA we decided to redesign more designs for products that we are passionate about: Beard Grooming and Shaving kits, Newly Designed Hip Flasks & Cocktail Shakers sets.


We’re living between Paris and Tel-Aviv, and try to find inspiration everywhere we travel to.

If you love minimalist design, passionate about quality, follow us for updates on our new products, we promise to surprise you!

We hope to see you soon.

Sam & Idan