How To Choose Your Beard Brush?

You did a hard job to grow your beard, and now you want only the best accessories to take care of it.

You will need several accessories but the main of them is the beard brush.

You could buy any cheap plastic one that will do the job (bad), but if you’re reading this, you’re most likely looking for advice to choose a great quality one (and no plastic please, we love our planet).

There are a few criteria you will want to consider:

  1. The bristles
  2. The handle material
  3. The bristles stiffness
  4. The brush shape
  5. The size

The Bristles

They will be the ones in direct contact with your skin so they are number one of our list.

You will find natural and synthetic options, but the bristles of choice on a beard brush are boar bristles. We prefer to go with the natural option.

Indeed, boar bristles distribute beard oil or beard balm evenly and make your hair soft and fuller looking. And you will never be able to reach this quality with synthetic bristles.

The beard brush in IDALIO Beard Kit is made of 100% boar bristle and our bristles are made to match the shape of your face when brushing for greater use and comfort.

 The Handle Material

Like for the bristles, you will find ( mostly cheap) plastic options and natural ones. Here again, we will go with the natural option.

First because the less plastic in our bathroom, the happier and healthier we (and our planet) are.

Second, natural products as wood will be smooth, more pleasant to hold, and will absorb very little amount of beard oil. Why is it goodwill you ask ?! It helps the brush glide through the beard and takes on some of the scents of your beard oil (if you have an oil with a bit of musk, for example, I will let a divine smell on your beard… But we’ll talk about oils in a further article).

Our IDALIO Beard Brush handle is made of natural pearwood and very pleasant to hold.

The Bristle Stiffness

It can be surprising, but there are different grades of stiffness for bristles. Like for toothbrush. They vary from soft to firm. We wanted to find the right texture for pleasant, efficient and long-lasting use. Indeed, if it was too soft, the bristles would just bend after a few uses and your brush would have really quickly no effect on your beard. On the opposite, if it was too firm, the brush could damage your hair and irritate your skin, in addition, to create a needle-like effect, while brushing. For these reasons, we decided to go with a medium stiffness (and also because like this, whatever the length of your beard is, it will always be comfortable to use it).

The Brush Shape

You will find a  lot of different shapes in beard brushes, some with handles, some ovals, some circular without handles. In the end, it’s what you prefer and what it the easiest FOR YOU to use that will be « the best ».

We designed the brush without a handle but grip-friendly with special spots to grab it easily.

The size

Not too big, not too small, « perfectly balanced as all things should be ». That’s what we tried to do. We wanted to create a brush that would be a good size to hold in hand, but also to put in a pocket, and to fit in our suede bag for traveling, in order to be able to take it everywhere with you.

Now that you have all the Info on how to choose your perfect brush… How to use it?

Start by brushing your beard up, from neck to face.

Then, do it from top to bottom, styling your hair as you go.

Do this once a day, as part of your morning routine, and you will already seriously see the difference!

For the ones who use beard oil or beard balm, it also helps to distribute your oil in a natural and effective way. It will definitely make your beard softer and stronger.

And for those who prefer a beard comb… You will also find one in our set!

See you soon and until then, take good care of your(self) beard.

Enjoy Growing Your Beard!