4 Tips To Pick The Right Hip Flask

You are looking online to buy a hip flask and you find yourself a bit lost between all the different products, all the technical terms, the type of finish used… Don’t worry, here are a few very simple tips that will help you to choose what you need! Three mains goals: durability, convenience, and portability. After putting a V on these criteria, you will just have to choose the best looking for you.

1. Buy only quality products.

    When we talk about quality, there are several parameters to take into account.

    First, stainless steel is now commonly considered as the best quality a flask can be made of. Indeed, in the past and still today, you can find flasks in glass for example. But stainless steel is much more solid (unbreakable) and will keep your liquor is a much cooler temperature. So our advice would be to make sure to buy a flask made of the highest quality stainless steel.

    But the quality of the outside of your flask is also very important: you don’t want to buy a first price flask with poor quality painting that is going to get scratched every time you use it. Maybe you will like a flask covered with leather, PU or real, or fully stainless steel, or at least any type of quality painting and finish.

    Our IDALIO flasks are made of the finest 18/8 stainless steel, and you can enjoy their very quality silk-touch and grip-friendly finish. They are also engravable, which makes them a very good gift for a special occasion!

    2. Don’t expect to use your flask as storage for alcohol.

    Flasks are made for immediate use, or in the best case a couple of days (three days maximum to be accurate). After this, your favorite beverage would lose its flavor and might have a metallic taste if kept in a stainless steel flask. And nobody wants to waste alcohol, or to drink alcohol with altered taste. That’s why we recommend to wash it out with hot water and mild dish soap after your alcohol was in it 2 or 3 days (or even before if you don’t use it).

    So let the bottles do their storage job and use your flask when you go camping, hiking, hunting or just partying with friends!

    3. Buy a flask the comes with a funnel

    Don’t even think to buy a flask without a funnel, as you would lose a lot of time (to fill it in) and a lot of money (with the large amounts of alcohol you will waste each time you will try to fill it in). You can find a lot of models that come with a small classical funnel and it’s really a game-changer accessory for easy and optimal use! Some flasks even come with a bigger funnel to make it even easier.

    All of our flasks come with a small funnel, and you can check our Premium version if you want to see the bigger one.

    4. Choose a flask that you can carry easily.

    They are called hip flask because you are supposed to be able to carry them in your hip pocket. So you want something small enough to fit in your pocket, but not too small to enjoy a nice amount of your favorite beverage. They are also called coat flask because you can put them in your coat pocket. And it is actually better than carrying them in your hip pocket because your alcohol might get warm faster in your hip pocket… Women can also put them in their handbag – of course trying to avoid very scratching objects like keys right next to the flask-…

    The classical size is 8 oz to combine all the benefits mentioned above. But you can choose according to your own use and needs!

    These are the main points to pay attention to when you choose your flask! Now, just pick the one that will follow you everywhere and enjoy these precious moments with your friends and family.